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About the Rottweiler
The Rottweiler is a German dog breed, they usually weigh between 80 and 110 pounds.  While there are always exceptions to this, in most cases of dogs being in excess of 110lbs, we find that they are obese and provide a balance of increased exercise/caloric reduction to help them return to a healthy body weight.  The breed is predisposed to elbow and hip joint conditions which are compounded by excessive weight.

Some of our dogs have "natural" tails, others have tails docked at birth, this makes no difference in the personality of the animal, it just reflects the wishes of the breeder when the puppies were born.  We do not, and cannot, distinguish between German & American Rottweilers.  The only way to accurately determine this lineage is generations of bloodlines.

They shed, usually twice a year. While you can minimize shedding with regular grooming & bathing and a good quality dog food, you can't stop it all together.

Rottweilers make great running, biking, hiking, hang-out-on-the-couch and watch a movie, companions.  They are protective by nature and don't need to be taught "protection" behaviours.  They don't make good outdoor dogs firstly because they don't have a proper coat for it, and secondly, because they love being around people.  A poorly socialized Rottweiler left in the yard all day is likely to develop destructive behaviours like chewing and digging.  Excessive barking and fence charging also comes with this territory and can result not only in alienating your neighbours, but also an expensive fine from Bylaw Services.

Rottweilers in general tend to be great family companions and enjoy the company of well-behaved children.  As with any breed of dog, interactions should be monitored at all times by a responsible adult to ensure that both the child and the animal are behaving properly.

We recognize that Rottweilers are not the breed for everyone.  They require a tremendous amount of socialization, daily exercise, training, stimulation and human contact to be enjoyable family members.  When given all these - what a marvellous companion you have!! Whether you get a puppy, or a mature Rescue dog, it is important to research the breed to ensure that all family members understand the commitment required.

Don't get a Rottweiler:

If you are attracted to the breed chiefly because of its reputation as a  protective dog.

If you are unwilling to share your house and your life with a dog

If you don't intend to educate/train your dog

If you lack a self-assertive personality

If you don't value constant companionship and physical affection

If you dislike daily exercise

If you can't afford to buy, feed and provide health care for one

If you want the "latest, greatest ferocious attack dog"

If you want a totally unaggressive and unprotective dog

If you are not willing to commit yourself for the dog's entire lifetime
                                                            - Adapted from Pam Green