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Rescued Becomes Rescuer

 Abby was surrendered to the Southern Alberta Rescue along with her brother when her owners didn’t want them anymore – they were 10 months old. abby

Abby was quickly adopted by her foster family when they realized how truly special she was.  While she is one of the smallest Rottweilers to come into the Rescue, what Abby lacks in size, she definitely makes up for in personality.  It didn’t take long for her new guardians to recognize that because she loved to be around people, Abby would be a great therapy dog.  They applied and were accepted into the Pet Access League Society (PALs), a pet visitation therapy program. 

Abby and her handler, Cori, now make weekly visits to seniors who are extremely grateful for her loving nature.  SARR is very proud of Abby’s accomplishment, as she is the first SARR dog to be accepted into the Calgary-based PALS program.

Way to go Abby!