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A Tribute to Blazer

pet planet



Blazer was a handsome 7 year old Rottweiler who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge while in the loving care of Southern Alberta Rottweiler Rescue (SARR). Blazer never found his forever home before his big heart finally broke, but just because he did not have a family to call his own does not mean he is not deeply missed by those who loved and cared for him.

His story is told below through excerpts of an email conversation between a SARR volunteer and Pet Planet.




July 16, 2007

Hi Catherine,
Check out this great picture of Blazer, he is a 7 year old male Rottie who has recently come to Southern Alberta Rottweiler Rescue.  He was going to be euthanized in the shelter he was at because he looked "funny" at small dogs and cats - perhaps it was the white markings under the edges of his eyes, because we cannot keep him from snuggling and cuddling the resident cats & Pug "Molly".

Hi Alison,
What a great/sad story.  Great that he ended up with you at SARR, but sad because of what could have happened.  Is he still looking for his forever home or does he have one?  If you (or his guardian) wanted, you could send me his story - I’d love to nominate him for our pet of the month for August. 

Catherine -
Blazer is a mature foster dog looking for his retirement home, the opportunity to potentially find him a home would be such a blessing.  Is the photo I sent you adequate?  If so, I'll have the write up to you by end of week.

July 17, 2007

Here’s Blazer’s write up. 

"Blazer is a 7 year old neutered male Rottweiler that came to the Southern Alberta Rottweiler Rescue after his owner gave him to a local shelter when they were moving.  Blazer is a gentle giant. He gets along well with other dogs (loves the resident Pug "Molly") and doesn't mind cats.  Blazer is a joy to have around.  He is delighted to go for car rides, dog walks and play with his toys - stuffies are his favourites. Blazer is eagerly looking for a retirement home that understands the joys of being a guardian to a mature dog, he is house trained and obedience trained and happy to go for a walk with you or cuddle on the couch.  For more information on Blazer, please go to"

Hi Alison,
Thanks for the write up – and the picture is great – I just love it.  I’ve nominated him for pet of the month.    If he makes it you will see him on the front page of the website for August!  Hopefully that helps him get a forever home, and if he is adopted in August, we can just change/update his story partway through the month. Keep your fingers crossed,

July 18, 2007

I wanted to let you know that Blazer suffered a fatal heart attack while on his evening walk last night and crossed Rainbow Bridge in the arms of his foster family that deeply cherished him. His foster mom Michelle has said before that she felt the white markings under his eyes were symbolic of Blazer's tears from being abandoned by his owner and spending so long at the shelter.  Rescue creates sacred space between our foster homes and the trust these majestic dogs place in us to find them a loving forever home.  We're glad to have had a short time of knowing Blazer, better than never to have known him at all....but surely wish things had turned out differently!  It will be hard not to be regularly reminded of how much joy our gentle giant got from trotting around the house with a stuffy toy in his mouth or the excitement he had for car rides and the adventures that may lay ahead.

July 26, 2007

Hi Alison,
I’m updating our website today and I can’t stop thinking about Blazer, as we were going to have him as pet of the month.  I still want to put a tribute to him on our Pet of the Month page, would that be OK with you and SARR? If it makes just one person think twice about disposing of their pet when he or she becomes inconvenient, then his sad passing will not have been in vain.  I thought I’d include some of the transcripts of our email conversations to tell his story    There is such an important lesson to be learned from Blazer's story about how bringing a pet into your family is a lifetime commitment and should never be done on a whim. I think it needs to be told. Let me know,


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