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This page is reserved for our special dogs that require full-time foster care.

These dogs have been placed in full-time foster care due to their special circumstances that require additional care and attention by our fantastic team of volunteers.

Brando – Brando is a 1.5 year old male rottie transferred to SARR from an SPCA in Southern Alberta.  Brando has had a rough start – he was often a stray in the town he lived in and was left to his own defences and sadly had to take care of himself until the SPCA contacted us.  Brando was diagnosed with a hip problem that required surgery and he is now finishing up his rehabilitation and therapy.  Brando is looking for a special home that will give him all the things he has missed so far – further training, socialization, love and attention.  He enjoys daily on leash walks and is good with the other dogs and cats in his foster home.  He loves to hang out with foster family and will try his best to get all the attention!