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The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's.
 -Mark Twain

This page is dedicated to the first Rottweilers that passed through SARR’s doors.  These “first ones” will always be remembered with a fondness that cannot be described but can only be experienced by interacting with this special breed.

Elsa came to SARR at 5 years old from the Calgary SPCA when her owner didn't want her anymore and abandoned her at the SPCA.  Elsa was adopted in July 2002 by a loving family in rural Alberta and spent her days adoring them & their grandchildren and keeping the other rottn ones in the house "in line".  Ellie crossed Rainbow Bridge in December 2006 and her spirit is deeply missed by all that cherished her.  No one that knew Ellie will ever ever forget her enthusiastic nub wiggles when you came in the door, her gentle cadence, or her love of being outdoors ...all the better if it meant chasing rabbits or gophers!

Stricta crossed Rainbow Bridge in January 2008 due to complications relating to her long term diabetes.  She had a great life and is deeply missed by her human Mom.  Stricta will be remembered for her love of playing in the snow, visiting the “grandparents” and the joy she got from sitting on your lap and giving kisses.  Rest well Stricta!

Finn passed away after a great walk on her favourite trail at Ing Mines on a snowy winter morning and her ashes are now scattered there as well.  Finn will forever be remembered by her family for the joy she got from going for her daily walks in the mountains (and forcing her sleepy human Mom out of bed much earlier than she would have liked to satisfy Finn's need for a spin in the fresh air), swimming in the icy river, "de-barking" every stick she could find and the glint she got in her eye when a game of fetch was suggested.  Rest well old gal, you are missed Minnie!

Zeus - Zeus had less than a year to enjoy with his forever home, before he passed away due to cancer.  In the short time Zeus was with his forever family, he was loved enough for a lifetime and SARR is grateful to them for taking such good care of this gentle giant.

Big Tazz - Taz came to SARR after his owner was put into jail.  He was 204lbs when he arrived into rescue and after some serious dieting to get him down to 155lbs, he found his forever home with a family in Edmonton and developed a very special bond with their little girl.  We were all very sad when an unfortunate accident claimed Taz’s life.  He will be deeply missed by his family.

Chewy  - Chewy is a 5 year old spayed female who came to us when she was returned to the Calgary SPCA where she was adopted 4 years previously.  Chewy is obese and has a lot of weight to lose to be at her "ideal body weight", but this gal is personality plus and really needs to find a home that appreciates the benefits of being a guardian to a mature dog.  House trained, obedience trained - what more could you want?

Chewy crossed Rainbow Bridge in July 2008 in the arms of her loving family.  Over the past year, Chewy became a familiar happy face around her neighbourhood with her tail wagging everywhere she went, she was a wonderful ambassador for Rottweilers.  She was loved by all who met her and will forever be missed by Dale & Marion.

Grizz - Grizz passed away in the loving arms of his family in July 2008 and will be missed for his quirky nature and his unwavering dedication to his human Dad.  Thanks to the Bells for giving Grizz such a wonderful home and loving him so deeply through the good times and not so good times.

Cain - Cain came to SARR after being found by an animal welfare officer, he had been left to starve to death by his previous owners and was nothing but a rack of bones!  During his time at SARR, Cain blossomed, reaching a healthy body weight of 120lbs (from 70lbs when he arrived).  Cain was a gentle giant, with a mischievous spirit that included engaging in goose down pillow destruction with his foster home’s youngest Rott, on occasion!!!

It took SARR awhile to find Cain’s forever home, he personally “interviewed” several families and declined them after the first weekend J  He “chose” to make his forever home with the Nielsons, including Rott sister “Babe”, and was cherished until the day he passed away in October 2008 at the age of 9.  Cain is deeply missed by Paul and will never ever be forgotten.

Triton - Triton is a 6 year old neutered male who came to us when his time ran out at an Edmonton shelter.  Triton is a "talker" with a wonderful personality - he knows what he likes and let you know!  Triton found his forever home in Yellowknife and is pleased for the "quieter" life.  His new family is very active and he's looking forward to ice fishing, hiking and swimming in the lakefront right behind his new home - way to go Triton!

Triton passed away at 10 years of age in July 2009 in the loving arms of his guardians due to complications from a stroke.  He will be deeply missed for his quirky personality and big heart.  Rest well big guy!

Hudson crossed Rainbow Bridge in November 2009 at the age of 12 in the arms of the family that he adored after a brave battle with cancer.  Hudson came to SARR in 2003 from the Calgary Humane Society when his owners didn't want him anymore.  It's so hard to believe that such a big heart has stopped beating.  Hudson was a marvelous ambassador for the breed and "converted" many people that met him over the years into lovers of the breed, some of which are also now guardians of past SARR foster dogs!  This gentle giant will be remembered for so many things including his unending patience for many a younger dog that took glee in pestering him in the park and the joy he got from "refereeing" dog interactions in Edworthy  Park.  Rest well Huddie-bear!