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Lakoda was surrendered to our organization when her owner decided she wanted to go traveling to Australia for a year - she was 10 years old.  She lived the remainder of her life (9 months) with her foster home until she lost her courageous battle with cancer.  Lakoda will be remembered for the joy she got from hikes in the mountains and her almost human-like "grin".

Vesuvius came to us from Brooks after he was seized from his owners because a metal chain had become imbedded in his neck from being left outside his entire life.  Unfortunately, Vesuvius was never able to overcome his distrust of humans and SARR gave him the peace he so desperately craved by helping him cross Rainbow Bridge.  Vesuvius will be remembered for his indomitable spirit, in spite of all the cruelty he had to endure in his young life.  Unfortunately the Alberta SPCA was unable to press charges against his previous owners.

Penny was surrendered to us after her young owner got in the family way - again.  He was unprepared for the long term commitment and responsibilities in being a guardian to a Rottweiler, and unfortunately, did not spend time socializing and exercising her so she was resilient enough to handle transition to another home.  Penny will be remembered for her needless loss of life and missed potential.

Fritz was given to SARR when his family had no time for him.  Fritz was immediately diagnosed with a severe lymphoma and lived out the rest of his days in Rescue.  Fritzy will be remembered for his "larger than life" spirit and gratitude for daily walks along the river.

Kael was seized by the City of Calgary Police after his owners left him and another dog abandoned in a home for 3 weeks.  Kael's previous owners had used him as a practice target for fighting dogs and he was equally mistrustful of humans and animals.  SARR volunteers helped Kael cross Rainbow Bridge and and take some comfort in the fact that he is now at peace and no longer having to protect himself.  Kael will be remembered for the joy he got going for his first walk after a fresh snow fall.  Rolling and grunting in the snow banks and chasing snowflakes with his tongue.

Yager came to SARR from the Calgary SPCA.  His previous owners had failed to properly vaccinate him and he contracted Parvo while at the Calgary SPCA.  Unfortunately the difficult decision was made to euthanize Yager for the sake of the rest of the Rescue dog population's health.

Lucy came to us when she was found emaciated wandering along a highway in BC.  Lucy had been used as a puppy mill brood bitch and when she no longer was able to produce, she was abandoned.  The Rescue's medical team noted massive mammary cancer throughout Lucy when they went to spay her and she passed away on the operating table.  "Grandma" Lucy will be remembered for the joy she got going for hikes in the mountains with the younger dogs and her glee at destroying tennis balls whenever the opportunity presented itself.  Rest well old gal!

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