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With the launch of our new website, it just wasn't possible to move all the photos and stories about their happy endings, but know that Abby, Abram, Alia, Amica, Apollo, Baldwin, Beau,  Boon,  Brady, Brasco, Bruin,  Buddy, Cain, Caber, Carrie, Calla, Chance, Cinder, Claire, Phoebe, Dante, Dalton, Damon, Darby, Dixie, Dorrie,  Echo, Elsa, Thor, Finn, Oliver, Gemini, Gideon, Grizz, Halo, Hannah, Harley, Hogan, Hudson, Ingram, Jacey, Jager, Jayda, Kaden, Kayla, Keifer, Kelsey, Koko, Kolby, Leroy, Lina, Lola, Luna, Lyric, Macy, all 3 Maggies, Merlin, Morgan, Murphy, Nina, Joey, Oakley, Panzer, Payton, Pearl, Poppy, Wilheim, Ramona, Ranger, Riot, Ripley, both Roxies, Ruby, Rocky, Roscoe, Ruger, Ryder, Samson, Scout, Sloan, Sophie, Stricta, Scully, Taiga, Tallis, Tazz, Tessie, Taylor, Tonka, Terra, Wyatt &  Zoe are all doing well in their forever homes and thank you for your interest.

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The Rainbow Bridge

When SARR was founded in 1995 we realized that we may have years or sometimes only hours to restore some hope and dignity to the magnificent creatures that come our way.  Their gratitude for a warm bed, food, water and our love, in spite of the harsh life they had lived before coming to us, is humbling.  While all of our dogs are special the "first ones" we found homes for hold a special place in our hearts.

We dedicate our Rainbow Bridge page to these first ones and to the ones we lost for health &  temperament reasons and to all those Rottweilers that needlessly die daily in shelters across the country because someone didn't fully investigate the lifelong responsibilities of guardianship.

We are grateful for the time we had with them.

Click here to view our page dedicated to our "first ones"

Click here to go to the Rainbow Bridge page.