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Why are Rotties Surrendered?

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Contrary to popular opinion, rescue dogs are not broken down, mean, ugly, skittish or ill mannered, not all of them are abused, but most are neglected.  Most of our dogs come to us when their time has run out at shelters, and they came to the shelter either because they were found running at large, or their owner surrendered them to the shelter's custody because they didn't want them anymore. The most common reasons we hear for why people surrender their dogs:
  • Dog sheds too much
  • Husband & I are getting divorced
  • Girlfriend and I are getting married
  • We're having a baby
  • Kids are leaving home for university and it was their dog
  • Got the dog for my kids and they don't look after it
  • We have kids and our parents say Rottweilers "just can't be trusted" (dog was 8, kids were 7)
  • Moving to a new house and the wife doesn't want dog hair in the house
  • Moving to an apartment
  • Dogs are too much work (Damon & Tascha were given to the SPCA at 10 years of age, owner had them since they were 8 weeks old!)
  • Developed allergies
  • Dog barks too much when left outside all day
  • Dog is digging up the flowerbeds when left outside all day
  • Dog keeps jumping the fence when left outside all day
  • Dog howls when left in the garage overnight (overnight temps were -30)
  • Lack of time to spend with the dog
  • Lack of time to spend with the dog
  • Lack of time to spend with the dog
  • Moving overseas in 2 days
  • Dog always wants to be near me & petted
  • Can't find dog-friendly housing in the city
  • Moving to the city and feel its cruel to bring the dog with me from our acreage
  • Vet care is too costly
  • Dog keeps having puppies
All the dogs entering our organization have been temperament assessed to ensure that they are kid friendly, cat & dog friendly.  Our organization is about saving the breed, not just a particular dog, when difficult decisions have to be made with regards to dogs with poor temperaments, we make them with a heavy heart in consultation with our medical team and Board of Directors.  We will not knowingly adopt out a dog that will perpetuate the media stereotype of this breed.